Specialist mould removal and remediation services

Moulds are a division of the Kingdom Fungi and naturally found in all environments – both indoors and outdoors. Fungi and Mould will always be found indoors, however certain conditions promote favourable conditions for unwanted amplification of growth and colonisation.

Exposure to fungi and their associated by-products (spores, hyphal fragments, cellular debris, mVOCS, mycotoxins) are known or suspected causative agents of disease and illness. Whilst some organisations and individuals claim to completely “kill” and “remove” all moulds, these are unrealistic claims which result in false customer expectations.

The objective is to remove as much as possible or where removal is not possible, to reduce to normal levels typically found in a clean, healthy and well-maintained indoor environment.

Our mould practitioners have been trained to the current highest standards – Dewpoint Professional Mould Remediation for Practitioners – fully accredited by City & Guilds – and are assessed and audited in the field.

The indoor environment is a complex interaction between the physical, chemical and biological environments which requires a thorough and detailed understanding.



What professional mould remediation isn't about?

Creating a totally fungi free environment

Using unsafe and inappropriate methods which increase risk

Making false claims and providing false statements

What professional mould remediation is about?

Understanding relationships between the physical, chemical and biological indoor environments

Providing objective evidence and sound professional opinion

Application of ethical and safe principles

Educating building occupants and providing advice on future prevention strategies

Professional mould remediation focuses on:

Identifying the contributory factors

Assessing the risk to occupants and the indoor environment

Designing individual solutions

Providing objective verification to key quality determinants

What our clients say about using Complete Property Revival

  • I would like to thank you all for making the process as painless as possible, for the compassion and the astute perception by Helene when I needed just that wee bit extra encouragement to keep going. It has been lovely to come back into the house and not be faced with the acrid smell. We hope to be home as soon as possible but will always be grateful for your helpful service and advice.

    Mrs McKinnon
    Mrs McKinnon
  • To everyone in the team, that came to rescue our belongings and clean the burnt out black hole. Thank you all so much, you never stopped the whole time and we will always be grateful at you helping us at this difficult time


What Makes Complete Property Revival Different?

Latest technology

Continual investment in the latest industry leading equipment and cleaning solutions

Industry experts

Our staff are all fully trained to the highest standards and utilise the most effective techniques to restore properties and their contents back to pre-incident condition

Project management

Ability to undertake full restoration and re-instatement services, employing in house trades and co-ordinating and managing any alternative supplier activity where required ensuring co-ordination approach

Friendly reliable service

We have built up a fantastic reputation in the area for providing a friendly, reliable and professional service

Quick response times

In our industry being able to respond quickly could make all the difference. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and offer emergency assistance 24/7

Odour Removal

Eradicates unpleasant odours, eliminate bacteria and can provide protection against the growth of a wide range of wide range of microbial contaminants

19 Years’ Experience

Over 19 years within the disaster restoration industry and successful mould damage remediation

One stop solution

We offer a one stop solution that negates the need to appoint multiple contractors, reduces timescales & significantly improves the customer experience

Areas we cover

Based in Teesside, Complete Property Revival covers the whole of the North of England so no matter where you live, you can benefit from our services. Areas we cover include Tyne and Wear, Durham, Northumberland, Middlesbrough, Stockton & Hartlepool.

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